Vitamin D3

Vitamin D

Cholecalciferol, commonly addressed as Vitamin D3 is used by our metabolism to produce Vitamin A, Phosphorus and Calcium. Unlike other Vitamins, that are absorbed via ingestion or produced by our own metabolsim, cholecalciferol is no Vitamin, but a a hormone, that has been converted by our body.


Vitamin D3 is absorbed through diet or with the exposure to sun. With the help of statistical research, experts have established that people from southern countries have a significantly higher level of Vitamin D3 than people from nothern countries. Northerners therefore are forced to adjust their diet, so the required amount of Vitamin D and vital minerals is covered. Please be sure to read more about vitamin d sources.

Vitamin D deficiency may lead to considerable harm to your health and may limit your quality of life.

What is Vitamin D3? The pre-hormone Vitamin D cannot be naturally synthesized by your body. The synthesis takes place with the aid of UVB rays from the sun. However leading experts believe that almost 50% of the US population suffer from the effects of Vitamin D deficiency. People who suffer from low Vitamin D levels suffer from numerous illnesses.

In general you simply need to expose 20% of your body surface for three times a week for 2 to 3 hourse to the sun, to grant a sufficient Vitamin D income. Fair skin requires more sun exposure than darker types of skin to synthesize the same amount of Vitamin D. It is of great importance, that a person who wants to build up his oder her Vitamin D levels must not use sun protection, as this showed contra-productive effects.


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