Vitamin D Sources

is rich in Vitamin D and resembles an excellent addition to your diet

Have you ever wondered if you provide a sufficient amount of vitamins for your body?  Though many people are worried about a possible deficiency, the Institute of Medicine states that there are dozens of sources which contain high levels of vitamin D. It has an important role in maintaining bone strength but it also has remarkable effects on a multitude of ailments.
Vitamin D is not a classic vitamin, since it is also created through the exposure of sun rays on your skin but we can also contribute to our vitamin D intake through nutrition. Nowadays many people spend a considerable amount of time inside, so our actual exposure to the sun is very limited. This may the cause of many ailments and illnesses, including mental disorders, skin diseases and more. That is why it is of great importance to ensure a diet high in Vitamin D or, if it normal intake cannot be granted, to take a Vitamin D supplement.
If you vary your diet and expose yourself to some sun then you are probably providing all the Vitamin D that is required. It is important to not use sun screen though, since the UV needs to reach your skin unfiltered to synthesize vitamin D (please be aware of possible damage done to your skin because of too much sun exposure!).
In the following list, you will find sources rich in vitamin D. The information refer to a study from experts of the USDA, which shall serve as a nutritional guideline.
Please consider monitoring your diet for the sake of your health!

Food containing vitamin D naturally and great potential benefits of vitamin D:


Admittedly, the sun does not represent food, yet it contributes to the supply of vitamin D. When our skin is exposed to sun rays, it is stimulated to produce the vitamin. This is why vitamin D is commonly addressed the “Sunshine Vitamin” A very good reason to see to a daily sun-bath and thus making sure you enjoy the full benefits of vitamin D!

People that are living in regions deprived from the luxury of sufficient sun exposure have to cover their need for this specific vitamin through their nutrition.But as elaborated, it does not represent an issue if handled responsably.


Please note, that vitamin D supplements offer an excellent option for contributing to your health and help preventing potential deficiencies.



Vitamin D SourcesSalmon:

A very tasty yet sometimes expensive vitamin D source. Just like the other fish that are mentioned, even small amounts ensure an adequate amount of vitamin D income, not to mention the benefits from rare amino acids.Please be sure to buy wild salmon and if not, please only buy from sustainable working aqua farms. As salmon population grows thinner, people are forced to act responsably with the naturally given resources.


Only a small portion oft his oily Omega-3 rich fish will grant the recommended daily amount. Leading health experts insist on adding more of these fish to your diet to ensure the supply of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids that our body isn´t able to produce itself.



The herring is rich in vitamin D because they cover their energy demand through plankton, just like the salmon.


Another kind of fish that is well suited to satisfy your bodys need of vitamin D, B12, Omega-3 and proteins. Even a small can may provide enough of these vital vitamins and amino acids for one day.


Though this fish does not compete with the other sources, it still posesses considerable levels of vitamin D. Please keep in mind that fresh tuna is most nutrious.


Catfish is considered a delicacy because of its solid and muscular meet that offers a strong yet gentle taste. Since this fish is also feeding on plankton, that is converting the sun light into vitamin D it is also rich in this vitamin.

Cod Liver Oil:

For those with a strong stomach, this oil represents a source that is very high in sunlight vitamin D. The golden and for many terribly tasting oil, contains rich amounts of in omega 3 fatty acids. Adding cod liver oil to your diet will increase your bones density and thus the ability to stay strong and healthy. It is also said to prevent osteoporosis in adult and improve and optimize the functioning of your nervous system and brain.

Small amounts have proven to be sufficient for daily supply, for example one spoon.

Animal Products


One Eggs covers about 10% of your daily needed vitamin D. Though this does not seem to be much at first glance, you need to consider that eggs are also rich in other important substances such as Vitamin B12, which is vital for your nervous system and also iron. Eggs add perfectly to a well-balanced diet.

Other than eggs, red meat is also very rich in vitamin D, iron and vitamin B12. Cheese, milk and margarine also contain vitamin D, but the concentration is not as high as in the food mentioned above.


Cereals are also known to be a reliable supplier of vitamin D,


This post is to be edited in the future, providing exact infromation on vitamin D and nutritional concentration.


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