Learn about Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamins are a vital part of the diet for the proper functioning of the body on a daily basis. There are of several types but the most important for health are vitamins D2 and D3. Despite being a nutrient, vitamins are not essentially dietary. Vitamin D3 can be synthesized from the body of many animals, including humans in the presence of sunlight. Hence, sunlight represents a major source for gaining of vitamin Dbenefits.

Although vitamins are necessary for the body, it cannot be stored. It is known to degrade as fast as it generates. Hence, the only solution is to consume some amount of the diet rich in vitamin D regularly. The exposure to sunlight can also be beneficial in this respect but the exact amount of time required to attain a certain amount of vitamin D is still unknown. The best sources for vitamin D in food are milk and eggs, as well as fish and mushrooms. Besides that, cereal makes a good source for the nutrient but it is advisable to check the nutrient content specified on the pack.

Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D Benefits:

a)    It is known to help in the building of bones. It is for this reason that it is claimed to be a solution to the children’s disease, rickets. However rickets may also occur due to lack of calcium. Osteomalacia is a similar condition occurring in adults that can be avoided with the regular intake of vitamin D.

b)    It is believed to be helpful in the prevention of multiple sclerosis. Patients affected with this medical condition are generally found to have low levels of vitamin D in their system. Though this is yet to be scientifically proven, considerable improvements could be observed.

c)    Supplementing the diets of elderly people with vitamin D will help in the increasing of the bone density. Also this helps reduce the risk of fractures caused due to osteoporosis.

Some scientists believe that Vitamin D Benefits also include the lowering of the blood pressure. This in turn reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. A little exposure to the sunlight can help avoid the deficiency of vitamin D. However, the answer to this claim has been inconclusive.

Vitamin D is more of a preventive nutrient than a curative one. The vitamin D benefits can be reaped only if it is taken regularly which erases the chance of deficiency. There are many aspects of it that are still inconclusive but that it is necessary for the good health of the body is certain. Vitamin D is essential to keep one healthy so there has to be a regular intake of the nutrient to avoid a number of medical conditions and for an overall fit body.


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