Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D benefits, many of whom still remain unknown despite vigorously conducted scientific research, are of vital importance in maintaining your body functional and healthy. True to its famous and common name as the “sunshine” vitamin, vitamin D is produced by our body when it is exposed to sunlight, while a few specified food items also provide this essential vitamin.

Vitamin D Benefits accrue through its five variants called Vitamin D1 to D5, out of which D2 and D3 are very important and common. While vegetables, mushrooms, cereal products and milk contain Vitamin D2, D3 is created by organic reaction of sunshine in human skin.

vitamin d benefits

Sun light is the main source of Vitamin D

Broad benefits:

a) Vitamin D benefits are numerous: improving the immune system in the human body, regulating the quantum of calcium and phosphates in blood in the intestines, and protecting against many diseases. It is also assumed that Vitamin D plays a major role in protection from cancer.
b) Bone formation with proper thickness and growth, prevention of rickets, and upkeep of healthy teeth largely depend on vitamin D.
c) Also prevents degeneration of muscles. Specific Vitamin D benefits depend on the age of the individuals that substitute this Vitamin.

d) and numerous other Vitamin D benefits like skin care, prevention of depression …

Vitamin D Benefits

What is vitamin D?

Being a vitamin, like vitamin A, B, and C it is contributing to human well being. It is fat soluble and hence, it is not needed daily, as a vitamin like this is not required immediately. Instead it is kept stored to meet future requirement. It helps prevent mainly rickets, the bone-related disease by ensuring proper secretion of hormones.


Vitamin D is available in specific food items such as fish-liver oils, fatty fish, sardines, margarine, tuna, salmon, eggs, button mushrooms, Shiitake, and enriched food items such as cereals and milk. Also, this vitamin D is created under the skin, due to reaction with sunlight. As such, the primary source of vitamin D is mostly found to be from sunlight and diet. In addition to the mentioned food, cod-liver oil capsules and vitamin D-rich medicines also play major role providing your body with sufficient Vitamin D.

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Requirements vary:

Requirements of vitamin D vary for people depending from age, gender and other conditions. And so are vitamin D benefits. Lactating mothers, pregnant women, and elders are to be supplemented with extra 10 milligrams of vitamin D daily.


Permanent bending of legs called rickets, a menacing bone disease, has become a thing of the past due to the advent of vitamin D supplements for children. Vitamin D further improves immunity overcoming allergies, and by protecting children from asthma and flu diseases prevalent during winter and spring months. Cases of Type I diabetes involving children have visibly reduced since focus on the vitamin d benefits supplements has been heightened .

Pregnant women:

Vitamin D, when taken in adequate quantities prevents occurrence of bacterial vaginosis which involves premature labor and infantile mortalities, in pregnant women. Added dose of vitamin D for pregnant women also obviates occurrence of rickets in their infants.

Aged women:

Older women at postmenopausal stage are more susceptible to osteoporosis and osteo arthritis. In such cases, vitamin D averts bones degeneration by absorbing enough calcium in bodies. Women plagued with frequent tiresomeness and chronic fatigue are to take vitamin D supplements for increased energy by way of streamlining hormonal and neurological systems in body. Vitamin D is reported to be mitigating the risk in older women of breast cancer.

Old men:

For older males, sufficient dose of vitamin D in blood level greatly improves bone density, thereby reducing their vulnerability to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Also, proper intake of vitamin D reduces the possibilities of some cancer diseases like prostrate and colon cancer, common in older men.

Ordinary men:

Men with higher vitamin D in their blood level are found less prone to heart ailments and strokes than with their counterparts with less vitamin D levels who are otherwise more likey to arterioscleorosis attacks. Renal failures and other kidney diseases are more common in men diagnosed with deficient vitamin D levels.


As age advances, the capacity to absorb vitamin D through skin due to sunlight gradually

reduces; and in such conditions, only medical supplements become a boon which prevent falls and fractures in old age due to bone-softening.

Vitamin D benefits for skin:

Vitamin D deficiency is known to be the cause to numerous skin diseases and conditions like the Psoriasis but also acne. Since these conditions can be very painful and also harming to your overall health, developing these is to be prevented. Fortuneately preventing and even reverting can easily be achieved by an appropriate vitamin D supplementation

Vitamin D Benefits mental health:

People in regions with seasonal poor sunlights are known for contracting depression disorders. Increased intake of vitamin D supplements is found to have a telling effect on the cure of depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Bones contribute to body weight mostly. So, vitamin D in food and artificial supplements help us maintain weight and keeping diseases at bay. Its deficiency is to be contained and knowledge of Vitamin D benefits help to maintain a healthy and active way of life.